(13) Crowell/Rogers/Dickey/Negus Tree - prepared by James Arthur Negus (Jane Remy and Hazel Dickey)
John Crowell (Crow) (b. 1590 England, d. 01/07/1672/1673 Yarmouth) + Elishua Miller (b. 1614/1615 Suffolk, d. 1687/1688 Yarmouth, m. 1636 Suffolk MA)
Thomas Crowell (Crow) (b. 05/01/1651 Yarmouth, d. 03/09/1690 Yarmouth) + Agnes (b. abt 1652 Yarmouth, d. aft 1690, m. abt 1667 Yarmouth)
John Crowell (b. 1670 Yarmouth, d. 1715 Sandwich) + Sarah O'Kelly (b. 1670 Yarmouth, d. 07/24/1715 Yarmouth, m. 1689 Sandwich)
Thomas Crowell (b. 05/01/1691 W. Dennis, d. 11/24/1730 Sandwich) + Sarah O'Killy  (b. abt 1665 Yarmouth, m. 1715) This and above is off the Church of LDS website
Jane Remy says it is wrong via the Kelly geneology book
Edward Crowell I (b. 03/26/1718 Dennis, d. 08/10/1813, Dennis Town Records) + Elizabeth "Betty" "Betsy" Baker (b. 1724 Dennis, d. 07/14/1819, m. 02/23/1743 Yarmouth)
(Volume 6, page 3, Mayflower Descendants)
Edward Crowell II (b. 04/12/1754 Dennis - Yarmouth Vital Records, d. 1822) + Thankful Cahoon (b. abt 1761 Dennis, m. 1774)
Edward Crowell III (b. 08/13/1795 Dennis, d. 06/28/1862, Dennis Town Records) + Thankful Sears (b. 01/03/1798, d. 08/16/1877, m. 1817 Yarmouth) (Sears Genealogy #1510)
Otis Sears Crowell (b. 10/05/1826, d. 03/06/1864 Dennis, Dennis Vital Records p100 and 694) + Betsy Kelly (b. 09/24/1828 Dennis, d. 01/06/1898, m. 12/20/1849 Dennis) - 1st cousin of Hannah
Famous sea captain that died at sea at age 38. Built a true "sea captain's house" from materials he brought from foreign lands at 227 Depot St Dennisport. Preserved and still stands.
Millard Filmore Rogers (b. 01/20/1855 Dennis MA, d. 1927 Dennis MA) + Anna Thomas Crowell (b. 1854 Dennis MA - Dennis Vital Records, d. 1921 Dennis MA, m. 04/18/1878)
locamotive machinist/mechanic - helped build the Panama Canal Both buried Swan Lake Cemetery, Depot Street, Dennisport MA
Children - Orrick Millard Rogers (b. 08/24/1888, d. 1954, m. Alice) (sea captain), Herman Thomas Rogers (b. 1878, d. 1941, m. 1910) (locamotive machinist) + Anna Bertha Rogers (b. 1884, d. 1912, m. Blanchard), Bessie Mae Rogers
Frank Clifton Dickey (b. 09/23/1882 Milford MA, d. 01/12/1965 Hyannis MA) + Bessie Mae Rogers (b. 10/19/1881 Dennis MA, d. 05/14/1962 Dennis, m. 11/06/1901 Quincy MA)
children: Roger Clifton Dickey (b. 06/29/1902), Ruth Ella Dickey (b. 08/03/1904), Mildred, Arthur Garner Dickey (b. 03/17/1909), Hazel Dorothy Dickey (b. 08/08/1916), Emma Betty Dickey (b. 11/24/1919)
Hazel + Sulo Armas Jackson (m. 1940) child: Edward Sulo J. Roger Clifton Dickey + Marjorie F. Gordon (m. 06/29/1923) Children: Carol Ann, Herbert Clifton, Edward
Hazel + Zade Morgan Cochran (m. 08/12/1949) child: David Andrew C. Arthur Dickey + Margaret Pearl Clark (m. 04/23/1941) children: Roger Clark and Jane Margaret (Jane Remy)
Emma Betty (Betty Mae) (Elizabeth) Dickey +  Clyde Rollins Hendricks - child: Margaret Beth
Ruth Ella Dickey married George Williams no child
Fred Arthur Hubbard Sr. (b. 09/19/1905 Watertown MA, d. 06/22/1992 Osterville MA) + Mildred Dickey (b. 07/29/1906 Hyde Park MA,  d. 10/20/1968 Hyannis, m. 11/25/1925 Dennis - Barnstable)
Vpres New England Gas and Electric when retired 2nd wife: Elsie Loundsbury Davis (b. 01/22/1907 d. 09/17/2002, m. 02/27/1971)
Children: Ruth Elizabeth, Fred Arthur Jr (b. 06/23/1927 Hyannis, d. 12/02/1981 Hyannis MA) Fred Sr. and Mildred are buried at Mosswood Cemetery in Cotuit MA
Fred Arthur Hubbard Jr + Jeannine Margaret Langer (b. 04/12/1929, d. 07/21/2008 Middletown RI) (m. 10/29/1949 Denver CO) Jeannine was from Wisconsin, they met in Colorado
          Children: Fred Arthur III (b. 05/19/1955), Steven George (b. 08/21/1957), Nancy Hollis (b.12/27/1959)
Steven George + Dianne Waechter (b. 08/03/1959, m. 04/12/1980, divorced 1995)
children: Nicholas Arthur (b. 11/13/1980), Brian James (b. 02/08/1982), Jonathan Brett (b. 11/22/1985)
Nancy Hollis + Jonathan Henry Bixby (b. 09/02/1958, m. 05/15/1982)
children: Jonathan Hubbard Bixby (b. 02/20/1988), Kimberly Anne Bixby (b. 06/15/1990)
Fred Arthur Hubbard III - not married and no children, carpenter in western MA - as of 2008
Stanley Potter Negus Jr. (b. 02/26/1933 New Bedford MA, d. 06/04/2009 Barnstable) + Ruth Elizabeth Hubbard (b. 06/05/1932 Barnstable MA, d. 11/11/2007 Cotuit MA, m. 02/28/1953 Bourne MA)
Stan was mechanical engineer with Wyman Gordan in Worcester MA and Rome GA, graduated from Worcester PolyTech --- Ruthie and Stan together in Mosswood Cemetery in Cotuit MA
Ruth graduated from Framingham College MA with a BS in Home Economics Ed. -- They lived (in order) Worcester - El Paso TX - Worcester - Auburn - Rome GA - Auburn - Marstons Mills  
children: James Arthur (BS Biology from Wofford College SC, MS University of TN), David William (Middlebury College VT,  MBA Ohio Unv), Carol Ida (Associate in Arts - Fashion Design - Endicott College) 
James Arthur Negus (b. 01/25/1959 Worcester MA) + Susan Pauline Baker (b. 10/10/1965 Knoxville TN, m. 08/02/1993 Florence, South Carolina courthouse - MC may be Charleston SC) - no children
James was a Fisheries Biologist and Wildlife Officer with the State of TN, Susan Pharmacist at various places (Mercer College, GA)
David William Negus (b. 11/09/1955 El Paso TX) +  Maimouna Diakite (b. 12/17/1967 Mali, m.01/03/1988 Bamako, Mali, West Africa, divorced in 05/1995)
children: William Ibrahim Negus (b. 07/21/1988 Mali, West Africa) and James Issa Negus (b. 08/31/1990 Mail)
David William Negus + Miriam Herrera (b. 12/03/1966, m. 09/10/1995 Philippines)
children: Charmane Herrera (b. 12/04/1991 and was adopted by David, Damie Herrera Negus (b. 10/11/1995), Jasmine Herrera Negus (b. 04/06/1999)
Carol Ida Negus (b. 01/12/1957 Worcester MA) + Bruce Ernest Smith (b. 07/03/1955 Worcester MA, m. 07/09/1977 South Dartmouth MA)
children: Timothy Michael Smith (b. 06/18/1979 Nashua NH) and Brian Scott Smith (b. 10/20/1981 Nashua NH)
Timothy Michael Smith + Sadie Ann Toomey (b. 01/20/1982 Laconis NH, m. 09/15/2001 Plymouth NH)
Children: Elise Marie Smith (b. 02/28/2006 Lebanon NH), Chloe Siobhan Smith (b. 09/21/2008 Lebanon NH)
Brian Scott Smith + Samantha Jane Sutter (b. 06/07/1982 Burlington County NJ, m. 09/21/2007 Little Egg Harbor NJ)