(8) Hubbard/Negus Tree - prepared by James Arthur Negus
Henry P. Hubbard (b. 1833 NH,  d. 1892) + Caroline E. Smart (b. 1833, d. 1913, m. 12/30/1855 Lowell MA)
Served in the NH calvary during the US Civil War and was in Libby Prison - 1st regiment NH calvary made Coporal on 07/01/1865
Cabinet maker and made stain glass windows for churches Caroline bought lot # 246 in New Cemetery - Watertown MA in 1893
Member of Pequassett Lodge AFVAM Watertown MA, June 20th 1874
Children: George Hubbard (b. 1868), Fred A. Hubbard (b. 1861) - married Emma C. - they lived in Hillsboro NH in 1870, Herbert W. Hubbard (b. 04/18/1873), Walter Hubbard (b. 1857)
Herbert William Hubbard (b. 04/18/1873 Dover NH) + Clara Hollis Brown (b. 09/02/1873 Watertown MA, d. 1941 Dennisport MA)
Herbert William Hubbard lived in Watertown where Fred Arthur was born, was a fish dealer (made stained glass windows?)
Old graves are at the Mt Auburn Cemetery in Watertown / Oldest house in Watertown is the Brown House Be sure to follow the Brown Line sometime
children: Grace, Miles Henry (b. 12/26/1900 Watertown, d. 10/26/1976 Waltersboro SC) , Fred Arthur (b. 09/19/1905 Watertown, d. 06/22/1992 Barnstable), Herbert W. Jr., Anne Louise, and Edith R. (b. 08/13/1911 Watertown MA, d. 03/09/1977 Stuart FL)
Miles + Katie Aline Herrin (b. 07/04/1902 Nahunta GA, d. 0408/1935 Valdosta GA, m. 01/19/1926 Howell GA) had two children by this first wife - Jean and Marilyn
Children: Jean Aline H. (b. 12/22/1930 New Haven CT) + James Edward Harshbarger (m. 08/22/1953, divorced 1982, 2 children), Marilyn Eulalia H. (b. 12/27/1932 Bridgeport CT) + Cecil Addis Bassett (m. 06/02/1955, 2 children)
Marilyn E. Hubbard Bassett lives at 1215 Oakmont Dr. Niceville, FL 850-897-2367 as of 2008 and sent Ruthie some Hubbard history info
Miles +  Carolyn Plumer Dow (b. 05/18/1912 Melrose MA, d. 03/26/1988 Branford CT, m. 10/27/1936 New York City) 
Children: Miles Henry Hubbard Jr. (b. 06/12/1938 Bridgeport CT) + Carol Theresa Maloney (m. 07/20/1962, divorced 2004)
Herbert William Jr. married Lilly and their child was Mary Jo - Herbert Jr. live on Cape Cod and had an oil supply company after a career selling fire engines to communities in MA
Grace (b. 06/17/1899) - her first husband was a Simpson and had son Arthur who died early on, then married Mr Kerr and had two kids, Jack and Betty
Annie Louise Hubbard married Robert Fraser Boothby (m. 6/25/1927) had a son, Bob -  Anne remarried Ollie Johnson had daughter, Jerry Anne. Bob must have been renamed to Bob Johnson and was in many familty photos with Ruth Hubbard
Edith married Howard A. Sweet (Howie) (b. 07/04/1906, d. 06/06/1985 Norton MA, m. 1927 Hyannis) Children: Janice and Hubbard - Sweet's owned 27 Oakwood ave Auburn MA prior to Stan Jr. and Ruthie
Fred Arthur Hubbard Sr. (b. 09/19/1905 Watertown MA, d. 06/22/1992 Osterville MA) + Mildred Dickey (b. 07/29/1906 Hyde Park MA,  d. 10/20/1968 Hyannis, m. 11/25/1925 Dennis - Barnstable)
Vpres New England Gas and Electric when retired 2nd wife: Elsie Loundsbury Davis (b. 01/22/1907 d. 09/17/2002, m. 02/27/1971)
Children: Ruth Elizabeth, Fred Arthur Jr (b. 06/23/1927 Hyannis, d. 12/02/1981 Hyannis MA) Fred Sr. and Mildred are buried at Mosswood Cemetery in Cotuit MA
Fred Arthur Hubbard Jr + Jeannine Margaret Langer (b. 04/12/1929, d. 07/21/2008 Middletown RI) (m. 10/29/1949 Denver CO) Jeannine was from Wisconsin, they met in Colorado
          Children: Fred Arthur III (b. 05/19/1955), Steven George (b. 08/21/1957), Nancy Hollis (b.12/27/1959)
Steven George + Dianne Waechter (b. 08/03/1959, m. 04/12/1980, divorced 1995)
children: Nicholas Arthur (b. 11/13/1980), Brian James (b. 02/08/1982), Jonathan Brett (b. 11/22/1985)
Nancy Hollis + Jonathan Henry Bixby (b. 09/02/1958, m. 05/15/1982)
children: Jonathan Hubbard Bixby (b. 02/20/1988), Kimberly Anne Bixby (b. 06/15/1990)
Fred Arthur Hubbard III - not married and no children, carpenter in western MA - as of 2008
Stanley Potter Negus Jr. (b. 02/26/1933 New Bedford MA, d. 06/04/2009 Barnstable) + Ruth Elizabeth Hubbard (b. 06/05/1932 Barnstable MA, d. 11/11/2007 Cotuit MA, m. 02/28/1953 Bourne MA)
Stan was mechanical engineer with Wyman Gordan in Worcester MA and Rome GA, graduated from Worcester PolyTech --- Ruthie and Stan together in Mosswood Cemetery in Cotuit MA
Ruth graduated from Framingham College MA with a BS in Home Economics Ed. -- They lived (in order) Worcester - El Paso TX - Worcester - Auburn - Rome GA - Auburn - Marstons Mills  
children: James Arthur (BS Biology from Wofford College SC, MS University of TN), David William (Middlebury College VT,  MBA Ohio Unv), Carol Ida (Associate in Arts - Fashion Design - Endicott College) 
James Arthur Negus (b. 01/25/1959 Worcester MA) + Susan Pauline Baker (b. 10/10/1965 Knoxville TN, m. 08/02/1993 Florence, South Carolina courthouse - MC may be Charleston SC) - no children
James was a Fisheries Biologist and Wildlife Officer with the State of TN, Susan Pharmacist at various places (Mercer College, GA)
David William Negus (b. 11/09/1955 El Paso TX) +  Maimouna Diakite (b. 12/17/1967 Mali, m.01/03/1988 Bamako, Mali, West Africa, divorced in 05/1995)
children: William Ibrahim Negus (b. 07/21/1988 Mali, West Africa) and James Issa Negus (b. 08/31/1990 Mail)
David William Negus + Miriam Herrera (b. 12/03/1966, m. 09/10/1995 Philippines)
children: Charmane Herrera (b. 12/04/1991 and was adopted by David, Damie Herrera Negus (b. 10/11/1995), Jasmine Herrera Negus (b. 04/06/1999)
Carol Ida Negus (b. 01/12/1957 Worcester MA) + Bruce Ernest Smith (b. 07/03/1955 Worcester MA, m. 07/09/1977 South Dartmouth MA)
children: Timothy Michael Smith (b. 06/18/1979 Nashua NH) and Brian Scott Smith (b. 10/20/1981 Nashua NH)
Timothy Michael Smith + Sadie Ann Toomey (b. 01/20/1982 Laconis NH, m. 09/15/2001 Plymouth NH)
Children: Elise Marie Smith (b. 02/28/2006 Lebanon NH), Chloe Siobhan Smith (b. 09/21/2008 Lebanon NH)
Brian Scott Smith + Samantha Jane Sutter (b. 06/07/1982 Burlington County NJ, m. 09/21/2007 Little Egg Harbor NJ)