(6) Negus Tree - prepared by James Arthur Negus
Negus may have been spelled Negas or Neagus early on as there are others in area censuses with this spelling
Job Negus (b. 1720 Tiverton RI) + Mary (m. 1740)  
John Negus (b. 03/13/1747 Tiverton RI) + Ann Baley (m. 04/19/1772) - parents were Bennett Baley and Ann Turner (m. 01/17/1718)
John T. Negus (b. 1772 or 73 Tiverton RI) + Ann Turner
I think he had a brother, Isaac, a member of the Bush/Negus Tree George W. Peckham (d. 1899) + Adelia M. Lee (m. 1842) are in family notes?
Hezekiah Judson - GGgrandfather of a co-worker of David Negus who is related to Adoniram Judson Negus
John Turner Negus (b. 1797 Tiverton RI, d. 12/13/1863 Fall River) + Mary Currier (b. Tiverton RI) The name "Adoniram Judson" Negus may indicate a relation to the famous Massachusetts Baptist Missionary to Burma?
had three children
Adoniram Judson Negus (b. 03/20/1825 Tiverton RI, d.10/19/1866 Fall River MA) + Elizabeth Francis Peckham (b. 06/29/1831 Steepbrook, d. 04/15/1897, m. 02/20/1848 Fall River) Her name is on front of the Negus Bible as "Elizabeth F. Negus"
worked at New Bedford Gas Light Company Became Elizabeth F. Brightman when remarried to Henry Brightman
Worked on New Bedford's "Progress Steam Fire Engine #2" in 1875 Elizabeth's father was Russell G. Peckham married to Alice
children of Adoniram Judson were: Annetta Webster Negus (b. 09/22/1849), Adoniram Stone Negus (b. 12/07/1850 - d. 09/1922), Lewis D.F. Negus (b. 06/16/1854)
Lewis D. F. Negus married Lena Brown - Lewis was an "electric trimmer" and lived at 228 Pleasant St New Bedford via the NB 1906 resident directory
Annetta Stone Negus married Jacob Peckham on 12/31/1868 Annetta's child, Samual Peckham (b. 04/13/1873), married Esther Dillingham on 01/16/1897
Annetta's other child, Albert Francis Peckham (b. 11/10/1870, d. 06/20/1875)
There is a small Negus-Peckham cemetery cared for by Bob Peckham of 112 Pine Island Rd, N. Dartmouth - The cemetery is in "Hixville" across from 960 Old Fall River Rd, N. Dartmouth - He contacted me via email in May 2008 - bjpbike@aol.com
Stan Jr visited the cemery in 2008 and found 2 stones with Negus (Charles H. Negus b. 06/16/1928, d. 11/24/2001 + M. Lucille Hambly b. 01/06/1933, d. 04/24/2001 and a Baby Negus stone dated 08/11/1957.  Other Hambly's in plot: Fredrick A. and Mildred H.
Adoniram Stone Negus (b.12/07/1850 Fall River, d. 09/19/1922 Freetown MA) + Isidore Lallah Rook Bush  (b. 06/28/1852 New Bedford, d. Oct. 1921 Freetown) (m. 9/26/1873 New Bedford)
Worked as a New Bedford fireman in 1871 (scanned NB resident directory www.archive.org) Thomas M. Bush, Isidores father, was a whaler and died at sea in 1863 
He was the Chief Pumping Engineer of New Bedford's Little Quittacas pumping station in Freetown for nearly 35 years (02/17/1886 - 09/19/1922)
The road, Negus Way, in Freetown MA is named after Adoniram Stone Negus. 
They lived in East Freetown MA, 
A.S.Negus was also engineer of New Bedford Harbor's tugboat "Nellie" (A famous painting of the Nellie was by Charles Sidney Raleigh) Some of this info came from the Negus Bible - "illuminated" copyright 1846
children: Southward Potter Negus (b. 06/24/1876 - d. Dec 1951), Ida Trafton Negus (b. 09/25/1880 - d. Aug 1967) never married A lot of information came from a family tree created by Herbert Palmer Negus (1905 - 2001)
Southward (pron: "Sutherd") Potter Negus (b. 06/24/1876 New Bedford, d. 12/1951) + Annie Louise Palmer (b. 06/14/1877, d. 09/1938 New Bedford) (m. 06/30/1903) - Annie's grandparents were from England
Southward was foreman in the meter department of New Bedford's Gas and Edison Light Co.  
children: Stanley Potter Negus (b. March 1908 d. April 1971), Herbert Palmer Negus (b. 02/19/1905 - d. 01/03/2001) married Alma Hathaway (d. March 1991)
Lived at 343 or 344 Cedar St  in New Bedford in 1906 from scanned directory (www.archive.org) Herbert and Alma lived at 2131 N Nottingham St, Arlington VA
Best known to have lived at 503 Cottage St. New Bedford (1918 and other years)  Their daughter, Ann (b. 01/28/1938), divorced Kenneth F??? Jr. (b. 05/31/1956) and married John Hitchcock in 1960. 
Andrew Herbert Hitchcock (b. 1964)
Stanley Potter Negus Sr (b. 03/22/1908 Prob New Bedford, d. 04/1971 S. Dartmouth) + Janet Briggs  (b. 08/19/1906 Prob New Bedford,  d. 02/09/2005 Mashpee, Barnstable County, m. 09/01/1931 Bayview house S. Dartmouth)
Janet, William P Briggs, SP Negus Sr and many others laid to rest in Padanaram (South Dartmouth, MA) Cemetery at 507 Elm St. 
Lived Cottage St New Bedford, and Rockland St South Dartmouth children: Stanley Potter (b. 02/26/1933 New Bedford, d. 06/04/2009 Barnstable), Linda Ann (b. 09/10/1939 New Bedford), Richard Morton Sr (b. 12/30/1936 New Bedford)
Linda Negus Cherry + Charles William Cherry (b. 04/18/1938, m. 10/29/1960), children: Pamela Ann (b. 10/15/1969), Robert Scott (b. 09/18/1961), Russell William (b. 09/02/1964)
Robert + Christina Troisi (b. 05/12/1957, m. 11/07/1987) - children: Christina Brianne (b. 04/01/1990), Garrett Andrew (b. 05/10/1991)
Russell + Debra Schlusberg (b. 04/04/1964, m. 05/31/1987)  - children: Erica Hope (b. 07/26/1990) and Andreya Skye (b. 11/22/1996)
Pamela + Robert Nicolella (b. 03/08/1969, m. 08/06/1994)  - adopted: Nina (b. 01/03/1992) and Hannah (b. 04/29/1999)
Richard Morton Negus + Janet Bruce (b. 06/09/1937, d. 12/06/2007, m. 06/20/1959) - children: Susan (b. 07/22/1962) and Richard Morton Negus Jr (b. 05/27/1961)
Richard Jr + Sandra (b. 06/28/1959, m. 04/25/1987) - children: Andrew (b. 04/02/1990), Victoria (b. 04/02/1990), and Douglas (b. 02/26/1993)
Susan + Tim Evans (b. 01/26/1962, m. 08/15/1987) - children: Austin Michael (b. 04/17/1991), Phoebe Negus (b. 02/23/1995), and Zoe Ann (b. 12/26/1998)
Stanley Potter Negus Jr + Ruth Elizabeth Hubbard (b. 06/05/1932 Barnstable, d. 11/11/2007 Cotuit, m. 02/28/1953 Bourne MA) - children: James A Negus (b. 01/25/1959 Worcester), David William Negus (b. 11/09/1955 El Paso), Carol Ida Negus (b. 01/12/1957 Worc.)
James + Susan Pauline Baker (b. 10/10/1965 Knoxville TN, m. 08/02/1993 Florence, South Carolina courthouse, MC might be Charleston SC) - no children
David +  Maimouna Diakite (b. 12/17/1967, m. 01/03/1988 Bamako, Mali, West Africa, div. 05/1995) - children: William Ibrahim Negus (b. 07/21/1988 Mali) and James Issa Negus (b. 08/31/1990 Mali)
David + Miriam Herrera (b. 12/03/1966, m. 09/10/1995 Philippines) - children: Charmane Herrera (b. 12/04/1991) adopted, Damie Herrera (b. 10/11/1995), Jasmine Herrera (b. 04/06/1999)
Carol + Bruce Ernest Smith (b. 07/03/1955 Worcester, m. 07/09/1977 S Dartmouth MA) - children: Timothy Michael Smith (b. 06/18/1979 Nashua) and Brian Scott Smith (b. 10/20/1981 Nashua NH)
Timothy Michael Smith + Sadie Ann Toomey (b. 01/20/1982 Laconia NH, m. 09/15/2001 Plymouth NH)
Children: Elise Marie Smith (b. 02/28/2006 Lebanon NH), Chloe Siobhan Smith (b. 09/21/2008 Lebanon NH)
Brian Scott Smith + Samantha Jane Sutter (b. 06/07/1982 Burlington County NJ, m. 09/21/2007 Little Egg Harbor NJ)