(1) Standish/Sampson/Burgess/Briggs/Negus Tree - prepared by James Arthur Negus
Miles Standish (b. 1583/1584 Ellanbane England, d. 10/03/1656 Plymouth) Mayflower + Barbara Mullins (b. 1588, d. 10/06/1659 Plymouth, m. 1623/1624 Plymouth)
2nd wife of Miles - came over on the Anne in 1623 Miles Standish relations to Jennie Morton obtained via a MA Society of Mayflower
Alexander Standish (b. 05/22/1627 Duxbury, d. 07/06/1702 Duxbury MA) + Sarah Alden (b. 1629 Plymouth, d. 08/12/1674, m. 1648 Duxbury) Descendants document provided by Gail Phillips, great granddaughter of Josiah Morton.
Abraham Sampson (b.1658 Duxbury, d. 11/16/1725 Duxbury) + Lorah Standish (b. 1661 Plymouth, d. 08/02/1725 Duxbury, m. 1680 Duxbury)
(Plymouth Probate Record 5:477) (MD 12:101, Plymouth Co. Probate Record 5:477, MD 12:101)
Nathaniel Sampson (b. 1680 or 82 Plymouth, d. 05/15/1749 - 11/06/1750 Plymouth) + Keturah Chandler (b. 05/20/1683 Duxbury MA, d. 01/14/1771 Plymouth, m. 01/19/1703 Plymouth)
(Plymouth Co. Probate Records 5:477 and # 17607, Duxbury VR 301, MD 14:66) (Duxbury VR 410, Duxbury VR 301, MD 14:66)
Abner Sampson (b. 07/03/1726 Plymouth, d. 02/11/1780 - 04/03/1780 Plymouth) + Deborah Bisbee (b. 11/20/1733 Pembroke MA, d. 1820 Duxbury, m. 04/20/1756 Plymouth)
(Duxbury VR 144, MD 9:107, Plymouth PR 25:483 will) (Pembroke VR 35, Duxbury VR 409, Duxbury VR 297, MD 9:108)
William Burgess (b. 05/08/1762 Plymouth, d. 01/25/1836 Plymouth) + Lucia "Lucy" Sampson (b. 02/06/1763 Plymouth, d. 06/09/1843 Plymouth, m. 03/10/1783 Plymouth)
(Burgess Gen 32, Plymouth PR-will # 3405, South Pond Cemetery Plymouth Records) (Duxbury VR 146 - Plymouth PR 25:48, Plymouth PR # 3405, Duxbury VR 228)
William Burgess II (b. 09/12/1791 Plymouth, d. 04/14/1875 Plymouth) + Mary "Polly" Bartlett (b. 07/12/1799 Plymouth, d. 05/05/1875 Plymouth, m. 04/18/1816 Plymouth)
(Burgess Gen 54, Plymouth VR D/C) (Plymouth VR D/C, MD 33:34, Plymouth VR U2:387 m/rec)
Edmund A. Tallman (b. 1818, d. 11/03/1848 New Bedford) + Mary Bartlett Burgess (b. 07/28/1820 Plymouth, d. 08/23/1891 Plymouth, m. 11/24/1842 Plymouth)
(New Bedford VR 166) (Burgess Gen 54 D/C, Plymouth VR, D/C, New Bedford VR 539, Plymouth VR V3:104 m/rec)
Josiah Morton (b. 09/15/1849 Plymouth, d. 09/14/1936 Plymouth) + Harriet B. Tallman (b. 11/27/1845 or 46 Plymouth, d. 11/12/1882 Plymouth, m. 10/02/1866 Plymouth)
(Plymouth VR 4:114 B/C, Plymouth VR D/C) (Burgess Gen 54, Plymouth VR D/C, Plymouth VR M/C) Harriet died young and Josiah remarried Anna E. (b. 1867, d. 1940)
IMPORTANT: buried CHILTONVILLE Congregational Church Cemetery Plymouth along with many other Mortons including Josiah, Ellis,
Josiah was a Grand Banks New England fishing boat captain and lived at 7 Whiting Street Plymouth MA which was also where Jennie and William Penn Briggs Jr. were married
6 children: Jennie Andrews Morton (b. 01/20/1867), Rebecca (Reba) Bartlett Morton (b. 06/08/1873, d. 03/13/1950), Edmund Tallman Morton (b. 1869, d. 1943), Albert Ellis Morton (b. 10/15/1871, d. 1946), Hattie Louise Morton (b. 08/31/1868, d. 09/01/1869), and
Otis Burgess Morton (b. 08/08/1875, d. 1897) - died at age 22 from a Plymouth dock accident and is buried at VINE HILLS Cemetary Plymouth with many Mortons (his gravestone is with the Cave family?)
Albert married Sarah J. Harlow (b. 1871, d. 1945) - they had at least 4 children: Tom Morton, Warren ("Huck") Winslow Harlow Morton (b. 10/22/1904, d. 05/02/1997), Albert Ellis Morton Jr. (05/03/1899, d.1929 ?), and Harriett "Hattie" Burgess Morton (b. ?, d. ?)
Harriet B. Morton married Lee Russ Sturtevant, had child Morton Sturtevant (b. 04/06/1924, d. 11/02/1995) who had child Gail (Gail Sturtevant Oberst) who lives in Plymouth and emailed me Nov 2008
Rebecca "Reba" married Herbert Ellisworth Holway (Halloway?) (b. 02/03/1861, d. 12/07/1936, m. 02/16/1898) - children: Elizabeth M. Holway (b. 11/18/1911) and Herbert E Holway Jr. that died at 3-days
Elizabeth married Earle G Phillips (b. 09/12/1903, m. 07/01/1938) - Earle was electrician on a Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute research vessel - Their children were: Gail and "Tippy" Phillips
Gail sent Linda Negus Cherry info concerning family history including "MA Society of Mayflower Descendents" document - Jennie Andrews Morton to John Alden and Miles Standish
Edmund T. Morton was captain of the steamer "SS Paloma" and took WP Briggs Jr to Cuba in 1910, married Anna Weston Peterson (1869-1954)
his children were Ruth Warren Morton (b. 07/23/1900, d. 02/23/2003), Jeannette Morton (b. 1902, d. 01/04/2006), Louise Tallman Morton (11/30/1904, d. 03/21/1986) and Edwin Howard Morton (b. 08/06/1899, d. 10/29/1975)
Ruth Warren Morton, married William Axford in 1922, children: Edmund, Barbara, Christine, Grant, and Warren
Jeannette married Norman Wilmer Holmes (b. 1901, d. 1990) - Children: Cynthis, Hodson, Judith Fulton, Louise, and Porter Atwood Holmes. Jeannette Holmes hosted large Briggs family reunions
Jennie graduated Plymouth High in 1884 and worked at the Western Union Telegraph Offices in Quincy MA before married There was reference to Plymouth's "Hedge House" in Ruth Morton's obituary.
William Penn Briggs Jr (b. 05/17/1870 Norfolk Island, d. 11/03/1957 New Bedford) + Jennie Andrews Morton (b. 01/20/1867 Plymouth, d. 03/07/1943 Fairhaven, m.10/13 or 10/15/1894 at Josiah's house at 7 Whiting St., Plymouth)
WPB Jr. was born at sea on Norfolk Island in the South Pacific while whaling with his parents and did not make it to US for 4 years, New Bedford's first Electrical Inspector, Had electrical supply business in New Bedford, also voyaged to S Africa and Cuba
Lived 48 Smith St just after married, 220 Kempton St in 1912, and 123 Bedford St (all in New Bedford, MA). Bayview in South Dartmouth was the Briggs summer home. Dropped the "Jr" so son was also a WPB jr.
children: Janet Briggs, Josiah Morton (Mort) Briggs, William Penn Briggs II, and Elizabeth (b. 03/27/1904) and died at 28 days
Josiah Morton Briggs ("Mort") (b. 04/04/1898 New Bedford, d. Dartmouth or New Bedford), worked at Gamewell Company NY as Engineer
Josiah M Briggs married Alice M Crosby (b. 11/12/1904, d. 1964?, m. 09/24/1924 or 09/23/1924) - children: Joan (b. 09/12/1927) (married Perry Ross) and J. M. Briggs Jr (b. 03/11/1930) (married Barbara?)
William Penn Briggs II (b. 05/22/1900, d. 03/05/1959) was a banker, married Juanita Andrea "Andy" Pernas (b. 04/08/1901, d. 04/16/1986, m. 10/02/1923) - children: William Penn Briggs III, Peter Pernas Briggs, and Jane Frances Briggs
(Juanita painted the James Arnold Ship found in Janet Negus' old clock which was in Jim Negus' possession as of 2008)
Juanita's: Parents: Francisco Jose Pernas (b. Muras,Lugo,Spain 12/20/1888) + Jeannette Boyd Munoz (b. 06/08/1880)
Francisco's parents: Salvador Pernas Fernandez and Juanita Andrea Rodriguez, Francisco's brother: Ramon Pernas Rodriguez was married to Dolores Soto Barro
Wm P. Briggs III (b. 09/08/1924) married Kathleen Burwell (b. 07/19/1930), children: Becky (b. 10/17/1948), WPB IV (b. 01/24/1949), James (b. 03/04/1951), Peter (b. 02/15/1953), Hazel (b. 01/03/1955)
Jane Frances Briggs (b. 12/21/1926, d. 10/31/1987) married Chuck Newman (b. 11/05/1929, m. 12/29/1951), children; Susan Elizabeth (b. 02/07/1953), Catherine Andrea (b. 10/08/1955), Paul Edmund (b. 02/02/1957), Valerie Jane (b. 11/13/1958)
Peter P. Briggs (b. 03/12/1930, d. 12/29/2007) married Ann Marie Perkins (b. 09/11/1930, m. 08/25/1951 Mattapoisett) children: Melinda Ann (b. 09/14/1955), Daniel Christopher (b. 06/04/1953), and Heather Jane (b. 02/18/1961)
Melinda + Lowell Evan Smith, children - Lowell Christopher, Peter Collin, Graham Clinton (Kevin E. Eaton - Melinda's 2nd husband); Daniel + Lori Mansfield; Heather + Gary Hobler, child: Doscher M. Hobler)
Stanley Potter Negus Sr (b. 03/22/1908 Prob New Bedford, d. 04/1971 S. Dartmouth) + Janet Briggs (b. 08/19/1906 Prob New Bedford, d. 02/09/2005 Mashpee, Barnstable County, m. 09/01/1931 Bayview house S. Dartmouth)
Janet, William P Briggs, SP Negus Sr and many others laid to rest in Padanaram (South Dartmouth, MA) Cemetery at 507 Elm St.
Lived Cottage St New Bedford, and Rockland St South Dartmouth children: Stanley Potter (b. 02/26/1933 New Bedford, d. 06/04/2009 Barnstable), Linda Ann (b. 09/10/1939 New Bedford), Richard Morton Sr (b. 12/30/1936 New Bedford)
Linda Negus Cherry + Charles William Cherry (b. 04/18/1938, m. 10/29/1960), children: Pamela Ann (b. 10/15/1969), Robert Scott (b. 09/18/1961), Russell William (b. 09/02/1964)
Robert + Christina Troisi (b. 05/12/1957, m. 11/07/1987) - children: Christina Brianne (b. 04/01/1990), Garrett Andrew (b. 05/10/1991)
Russell + Debra Schlusberg (b. 04/04/1964, m. 05/31/1987) - children: Erica Hope (b. 07/26/1990) and Andreya Skye (b. 11/22/1996)
Pamela + Robert Nicolella (b. 03/08/1969, m. 08/06/1994) - adopted: Nina (b. 01/03/1992) and Hannah (b. 04/29/1999)
Richard Morton Negus + Janet Bruce (b. 06/09/1937, d. 12/06/2007, m. 06/20/1959) - children: Susan (b. 07/22/1962) and Richard Morton Negus Jr (b. 05/27/1961)
Richard Jr + Sandra (b. 06/28/1959, m. 04/25/1987) - children: Andrew (b. 04/02/1990), Victoria (b. 04/02/1990), and Douglas (b. 02/26/1993)
Susan + Tim Evans (b. 01/26/1962, m. 08/15/1987) - children: Austin Michael (b. 04/17/1991), Phoebe Negus (b. 02/23/1995), and Zoe Ann (b. 12/26/1998)
Stanley Potter Negus Jr + Ruth Elizabeth Hubbard (b. 06/05/1932 Barnstable, d. 11/11/2007 Cotuit, m. 02/28/1953 Bourne MA) - children: James A Negus (b. 01/25/1959 Worcester), David William Negus (b. 11/09/1955 El Paso), Carol Ida Negus (b. 01/12/1957 Worc.)
James + Susan Pauline Baker (b. 10/10/1965 Knoxville TN, m. 08/02/1993 Florence, South Carolina courthouse, MC might be Charleston SC) - no children
David + Maimouna Diakite (b. 12/17/1967, m. 01/03/1988 Bamako, Mali, West Africa, div. 05/1995) - children: William Ibrahim Negus (b. 07/21/1988 Mali) and James Issa Negus (b. 08/31/1990 Mali)
David + Miriam Herrera (b. 12/03/1966, m. 09/10/1995 Philippines) - children: Charmane Herrera (b. 12/04/1991) adopted, Damie Herrera (b. 10/11/1995), Jasmine Herrera (b. 04/06/1999)
Carol + Bruce Ernest Smith (b. 07/03/1955 Worcester, m. 07/09/1977 S Dartmouth MA) - children: Timothy Michael Smith (b. 06/18/1979 Nashua) and Brian Scott Smith (b. 10/20/1981 Nashua NH)
Timothy Michael Smith + Sadie Ann Toomey (b. 01/20/1982 Laconia NH, m. 09/15/2001 Plymouth NH)
Children: Elise Marie Smith (b. 02/28/2006 Lebanon NH), Chloe Siobhan Smith (b. 09/21/2008 Lebanon NH)
Brian Scott Smith + Samantha Jane Sutter (b. 06/07/1982 Burlington County NJ, m. 09/21/2007 Little Egg Harbor NJ)